Last Day of Preschool for Boston

June 3rd, 2016.  Bossy's last day of preschool...for-ever!!  Very bittersweet for this mama.  Sweet because he's now going to be home with me for the whole summer.  Bitter because at the end of the summer he'll be starting Kindergarten.  To say that I'll be savoring and cherishing every.single.moment this summer is an understatement.  I look forward to having him with me 24/7!

On his last day, they had a little lunch party that parents could come to.  I loaded up Navy after his morning nap and we headed 3 minutes down the road (his preschool is at the front of our neighborhood) and to help his teacher, Mrs. Watkins, with preparing their lunch.  

I can tell that anytime I would go up to the school to help with his parties he loved seeing me.  And, of course, this mama's heart melted.  I mean, it's likely he won't feel that way forever, so I'll take it.  :)
Praying before lunch.
Navy boy reading his truck book and enjoying his milk.
Gosh I love him so very much.

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