Boca Raton - April 2014 - Day 2

Ahh the beach!  

There's really nothing better than sitting on a beautiful beach with blue waters and watching your toddler run around with excitement while playing in the sand/water.  I'm thinking he's gonna end up being a beachy kinda guy.  

He was determined to get his feet wet in the water.  It was chilly at first but he loved it.
 This is what I saw most of the time we spent at the beach.  Tons of shoveling.
 He was so proud of finding a seashell.
 At one point he laid down on the sand and said, "Ahhh!" Ha.
He's a funny funny kid.  Pure joy.
Little surfer dude.
Boston ended up seeing a little kid (probably around 7-8 years old) making a sand castle nearby and so he decided to go and join him.  Side note: if I could describe Boston in one word it would be sociable. This kid never meets a stranger.  If he sees a kid he immediately calls him his friend and goes up to them to play.  Most times he's welcomed and they are playing immediately.  Anyway, so he sees this kid and takes his bucket and shovel to play with the little boy.  Everything was fine for a little bit but I could start to notice that the kid wasn't having Boston playing with him.  Boston would get the little kids shovel and start using it and the kid clearly wasn't into sharing.  So Boston would grab his own again. Then the kid ran over to his mom and noticed that Boston was using his (the kids) shovel again.  So the little boy ran over to Boston and said something to his face (really close)....well, I guess Boston didn't like what he said so he proceeded to BOP the little kid on the head with the shovel!!!  Gasp.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I immediately started walking over there to them.  Then they proceed to grab each others shoulders to tackle one another!  I was horrified.  The kid ran off to his mom holding his head and I grabbed Boston and lead him to the kid and his mom to tell him sorry.  I was embarrassed and mortified that my Bossy would hit a big kid like that.  Nevertheless, we packed up our things headed over to the pool area for lunch and then to the room for a nap.  Clearly a nap was needed.

Here is the brawler having his first banana smoothie.
Delicious tuna sandwich.
A bath was in order before a nap.
It wasn't 3 minutes after his head hit the pillow that this happened.

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Mason's Mama said...

What lovely pictures! Boston is growing up (from when I first started following you). I love his little sociable personality. Mason is this way too and it’s so heartbreaking to me when the kids aren’t accepting of him. I’m sorry that your experience this time didn’t end too well. Love that last picture!

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