It's A Gingerbread Train

There's gonna be lots of recapping from Christmas going on over here.  There was lots done which means lots to write about.  And I thought before we get too far down the road (kinda like our family trip that we took back in October that I haven't written about) I better go ahead and purge everything in the next 2 weeks.

So today its all about trains, candy, gingerbread and a candy-eating/decorating toddler.

Anything candy and trains was bound to be a hit with this guy.

There was a few seconds where I thought that this whole "gingerbread decorating" wasn't gonna happen.  You see, this was my first time to put together a gingerbread anything.  I wasn't using enough icing to hold the walls up so they wouldn't stay standing up.  After about 35 minutes and a pile of icing between each wall, wheels and roof of the train they were standing up!  And instead of waiting until it was all dried up, we decided to get goin'.  Not a good idea.  About every 3rd piece of candy that we pressed on....it would make the walls or wheels fall over.  Its too bad I didn't get a picture of it but I was too busy frantically mashing them back together.  

Clearly we should have waited for daddy to get home so we could have an extra set of hands.  And big ones.   
But all was well after about 20 minutes of drying time. 
I'm pretty sure he ate every other piece he applied to the train.  And so did mommy.  :)
I iced up and he applied.  Anywhere I put icing he would fill in.  It was a great team effort.

From his view.  
There she blows.  A pretty little thing that he was oh so proud of.  
Great job, Bos-man.

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Celeste Aslanyants said...

That looks absolutely delicious...and fun ;) And Boston looks SO grown up all of the sudden!!!

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