A Few Things I'm Thankful For

It's been a bit cray cray around these parts.

With trying to keep a certain toddler alive to mostly staying on top of house chores to keeping the Mr. happy to running a business....I'm totally forgetting about a gillion more things....but there's one thing for certain, I'm thankful for so much, lately.

1) Getting to spend my one and only life with these boys. #morethanthankful

2) The warm/awesome weather that we've had recently.
3)  My business that is so new but is growing leaps and bounds.  #alwayspinchingmyself

4) Yes....these new beauties.  #myfirsthunters #sovain
5) Having the capability of working out even though its the last thing that I ever want to be doing.  Not my forte one.single.bit.  #wishitwas

6) Being able to put great nutrients in our bodies by juicing.
6) Getting to grocery shop.  Because really, he won't be grocery shopping like this forever, right?  :)

7) A healthy/funny/keep-me-on-my-toes little boy that likes to wear our shoes, lately.

Its so important to me (you already know this if you've been a reader of ours for a while) jot things down like this for our memory book aka this blog!  And you can never be too thankful, right?!  :)  

What are YOU thankful for?  


1 comment:

Irene @ FindAuPair said...

Everybody should be thankful for something, especially for being healthy and having what you need. Happiness comes with small things, and most important of all, it cannot be bought!

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