DIY: Polka Dots For The Studio

I love when projects take me less than 15 minutes to make and cost zero bucks.  It really can't get any better than that!

About 2 weeks ago, Jer and I had a baby-free weekend so we took advantage of that weekend by moving my whole business into our 4th bedroom (what was once known as our "workout" room) from the gameroom.  

A business girls dream come true.  All of my stuff is now in one bedroom upstairs at the end of the hallway.  Buuut, more on that later (in another post).

For now, I'm focusing on getting a little bit of decor in the room.  

Here's where this DIY comes in.  

I wanted something simple, cheap and homemade.  I went through my craft closet and found lots of 12x12 canvas and acrylic paints and this is what happened....
Metallic paints seems to be all the rage lately and luckily I had some on hand from a different project.  I tried them out on a piece of paper first to see how they would look when they dried and they looked as I expected.  Metallic.  :)
I opted to apply a dot directly onto the canvas which worked out well.
And instead of using any type of paint brushes I thought using my finger would be the best way to make my circles... I was afraid that there would be too many brush strokes.
I outlined these two sides so that they would be used to line up the rest of the circles.  It was easier this way for me to make sure that my circles would be too wonky and crooked.  I knew where to put my next circle both vertically and horizontally.
Here she is....
All by her lonesome.  But I love the color it brings to the room.
Have you guys ever finger painted a canvas?  Don't you love easy and cheap decor?  I sure do.  Can't wait to show you more of my room.  It's definitely a work-in-progress but I love it so much.


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