You've Done It You've Turned 3 Years Old....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Dear Boston,

We are in Puerto Vallarta right now writing your last letter to you before you turn 3 years old tomorrow.  

It's no less than astonishing the growth and progress you have made both physically and mentally.  You have very much formed into the personality we think you will carry for the rest of your life, and it's a great one that will take you far.  You are intelligent and inquisitive and focus intently on things you want to learn, and you have a real knack for memorizing things like your "funny books" (4 of them), song lyrics, the alphabet, numbers, animals, cartoon characters, your favorite "Little Einstein" or "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" episodes, the order we do the yard (edging, weedeating, mower, then blower) and many other things.  Perhaps our favorite, you are nearly always happy and smiling, and you very often (at least daily) try to make us laugh, exhibiting an extroverted side to you.  You are also very caring and genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of others.  You notice if we or someone else has any "boo boo" and you typically want to kiss the "boo boo" to make it feel better.  You are quite rough and tumble, with a healthy confidence and brave spirit.  You are active and playful, nearly always willing to throw a baseball or football, or kick the soccer ball, or hit around your big plastic golf ball.  Plus, you REALLY LOVE to DANCE, and you love it when we dance with you.  You are a good eater (you especially love meats and beans), and you generally prefer healthy items, like your yogurt and granola, avocado, or fruit (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries being your favorites).  Yet, you have followed your parents' paths of also having a sweet tooth for things like cookies, ice cream, snow cones, candy, etc.  Fortunately, we've been very good at avoiding juices, restricting you to only water and milk, the latter being your absolute favorite beverage.  Lately, you have also developed a very strong desire for independence and to become a "big boy."  You were potty-trained in less than three days (over Labor Day weekend), and you've moved beyond needing to be rocked to sleep (Dada and Mama both miss the "rock you" but we know it's best  that you lose that habit now).  You climb in/out of your crib on your own, you've never insisted upon a nightlight, and you now make your way to our bedroom first thing each morning to let us know that you are hungry.  In many ways, you have become very self-sufficient, making our lives increasingly easy and making us really proud of you.  Finally, you have continued to grow in height and weight (you're around 40 pounds and 40 inches tall), but you've not lost your uber-handsome baby face, fully complimented with your naturally highlighted thick, straight hair.  It may well be that your first "little boy haircut" doesn't happen for another year or two.   

       All in all, you have continued to develop into a wonderful person we know the world will be bettered by, and it's been a real honor and privilege and joy to have been your parents to this point.  We often thank God for giving us you.  You make us better people and inspire us to make our own progress in life.  We look forward to what this next year will bring and to spending all of our days with you as our son.  

With All The Love We Have,
We Love You,
Your Grateful Parents,
Mama and Dada                

Because we are "those" parents and as sentimental as they come, we created a video of your whole 3rd year of life for you to one day enjoy!

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Amy said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to Boston!! I hope you're having a great time on your trip.

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