The Master Has Been Framed

Ahhh, finally!!  A do-it-yourself moment here on the ol' blog.  It's been a while.  A while since I've blogged about one.  Not a while since I've done one, though.  See....I've been doing several lately just haven't posted about them!! 
It might be because I've been a total slacker in that department.  But fear no more.  I've got a few to show you in the next couple of weeks.  You're excited, huh?!  :) 
Let's start off with this one.  The one we did back in January.  Yup, over 7 whole months ago.  I wasn't lying when I said slacker
As you already know (if you aren't a new reader), that we bought 3003 square feet of house that was full of nothing.  We built it merely with walls.  That.was.about.it.  We left out crown moulding, granite countertops, wood/tile floors, basically anything "upgraded" we left out. 
Well....we are crazy people.  No (well kinda).  Because we love doing it all ourselves.  And because the hubby, Jer, mentioned that maybe we shouldn't finance 30 years of granite and moulding when we could do it all ourselves and save money in the long run.  So being cheap-o's that we are, that's what made the most sense.  There ya have it.  Why we have had a frame-less master bathroom mirror for over 6 years.
Let's get on to the project.  We thought long and hard about this one.  We both, for some reason, couldn't agree on anything.  So we finally decided to just keep things simple and white.  So since Jer's a master at building things (not to mention he loves to use his tools any chance he gets), we thought we'd get some 1x4's and build us a frame for the mirror. 
Simple and easy. 
All we needed was wood, paint, glue and sawtooths (to hold the mirror up on the wall).
Here's what the before looked like (excuse the finger-type prints on the mirror, it's obviously been very neglected).  :)

Jer decided it would be easiest to cut all the boards and put it all together first on the floor versus building it on the mirror. 

One minor hiccup was this little bracket on our mirror that was helping hold it to the wall.  So instead of having to take it down or creating a gap between the wall and the frame once it was up, we decided to just etch out some of the wood so that the frame would fit right up agains the wall and not stick out. 

Once the frame was all screwed together Jer applied pressure to the frame after adding some nail glue in between the creases where the two boards met.

The test.  It fits!  Time to paint.

Sawtooths that we used to help hold the mirror up.

Along with some glue on the mirror. 

Since I love a little before and after action....
She's perfect. Exactly what we were looking for. Sleek, simple and white. 
Next up....to do something about those poopy brown light fixtures. 


Amy said...

It looks great!

Veronica Lee Burns said...

I think this project is just such a perfect solution to big mirrors. Love it!

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