Perfect Day For The Zoo

It was the absolute perfect day to spend at the zoo.  I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt in July!  A group of us and our babies met up that morning and spend nearly the whole day (till 3pm) walking around enjoying ourselves, eating our sack lunches outside and watching our babies fill up with excitement at each animal we stopped to look at.

Boston did awesome.  He obeyed all day while gaining some autonomy to walk instead of being stuffed in the stroller the whole time.  And he loved it.  If I told him to hold on the stroller he would hold on and walk right beside me.  He never ran too far and was always within eye sight of me with made it less stressful for me.  I was so proud.  Its all part of him growing up (to my despise) and learning how to be obedient.  Plus, it didn't hurt that he was able to see all the animals up close and get to fully enjoy the zoo!  :)

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Kayla Peveler said...

Looks like a BEAUTIFUl day, and I love your little mans outfit! So adorable.

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