Documenting For The Memory Book

My most favorite part of my day is when Boston wakes up from his nap.  I love nap time because I get to get some things done and check things off my list but at the same time I miss the little fella.  His naps these days consist of going to sleep between 12-1pm and waking up between 3-4pm.  Sometimes a little less but most times it's right at 3 hours.

By the 3rd hour I'm itching for him to wake up.  As soon as I hear him in the monitor, I rush upstairs to get him and he's always in a good mood (unless he's talking or singing to himself, then I let him do just that.  its his time to wake up and have a moment alone).  That's one thing that I can say about him is that he's never woken up cranky.  But who would if you got 3 hour naps everyday?  ha.

Some days I grab my camera to take with me to capture these sweet moments that I know I would forget if I didn't have them to look back on in a few years when he's at school all day and I'm wishing he was still upstairs snoozing in his crib.

Which reminds me, yes, we still have him in a crib.  Many times I've been asked by family and friends when we'll be switching him to a "big boy bed."  And to be honest, I'm in no rush.  If you know me us, you know that we do not rush into anything!  (It did take us 10 years to get married and then another 4 years to try for a baby!)  So, as long as he's sleeping well and continues to love his bed he will stay in it.  Why fix something that's working and isn't broke, right?  However, we think it would be a "cool" little thing to do for his 3rd birthday in early October.  That'll be something that can be fun to do....make him a big boy room as part of his birthday present.  It'll also be a way to remember when he moved up in rooms!  :)

Speaking of birthday, eeekk....it's only 2 months away.  Gotta get to planning!


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