33 Months And Still Awesome

Dear Boston,

     Oh Bossy....you are still as awesome as you were the first day of life.  Just a bigger type of awesome.  You are growing non-stop.  You're quite a big boy!  Coming in at 37lbs and 39.5 inches tall.  We are amazed at your growth.  It's often that we hear people asking if you are 3 or even 4 years old because you look so big.  It use to shock us but we're pretty used to it now.  Why?  Because we feel every bit of your tall/heaviness when we carry you.  You are not light for momma and you are well over half her height already.  But she manages to continue to try to carry you when we are out places.  Another awesome part of you....all of your little "sayings/phrases" lately.  You crack us up every day.  Its such a joy to hear some of the things that come out of your mouth and to see some of your actions.  You are quite the joke-ster and clown.  Love making us laugh.  We wonder sometimes where you learn things but then remember that you have many many cousins that you spend time with.  They tend to have an effect on you.  Some good and some not so good.  :)  When we say good, we mostly mean funny.

One thing will always be true, we are thrilled to go to bed at night and to wake up each morning knowing that we have a little boy up in his room in his bed that is ours.  Ours for life.  And for our next life.  Thrilled.  Thank you, son.  Thanks so very much for being so cool.  And awesome.

Here's what you were up to this month:
* You're favorite line this month was...."I'm sorry, mama!"  It's the sweetest sound ever.  If you did something that you knew you shouldn't have done (disobeyed) or if you threw a tantrum you would immediately tell momma you're sorry.  It's so sweet and a great distraction for us to just move on and forget about what just happened.  We've learned to do that very well with you lately.  Instead of focusing on the bad we switch to something positive or fun!  :)
*  Anytime you fall down/rough house and we think you got hurt, you say, "I'm okay!" HA.  It makes us laugh.  You are definitely a tough little fella.  If you do cry we know that you really got hurt.
*  For some reason, you called mommy Mom a few times.  We quickly changed that/corrected you to say momma or mommy.  Not sure why but the word Mom just sounds so....grown up.  And we aren't ready for that just yet (maybe never).  :)
*  Another favorite phrase this month was, "I'm tall as a mountain!" A-dorable!  
*  A few times you would do/make something cool with your toys you would say, "Tada!"  HAHA.  You are constantly making us laugh with your antics.
*  You still constantly love to sing.  Mostly because of your music class that you more than enjoy!  More about this in a later post.  Your favorite songs to sing are: Wheels On The Bus, Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves The Little Children, Itsy Bitsy Spider and the ABC's.
*  A new favorite cereal that we introduced to you this month was daddy's favorite Honey Bunches of Oats.  But they are known to you as Hon Buches of Boats!  HA!!  Yes, you call them boats and not oats.  We tried many times correcting you but it was a lost cause so we just laugh and refer to them now as boats, too.  :)
*  You love to spell your name, spell mommy and spell daddy.
*  You know the sounds to 17 alphabet letters.  We're still working on the last few.
*  After about a month of off and on practicing you have mastered tracing.  And you are so so proud of yourself.  Great job, son!!
* If you see something big or get a yummy snack you'll say, "Oh boy!"  lol.  
*  Okay, so this is totally mommas fault.  She always says (which is a no-no to say in front of you) what the heck?  Well.....you said it one day after she said it and we laughed.  Probably not the right thing to do but it was so cute.  Now, you think it's funny to say.  Needless to say, we are trying to keep you from saying it.  And momma has quit saying!
*  Oh man....something you say quite often is, "I trouble."  If we reprimand you or tell you to do something like, put your toys away or sit down in your chair (not stand) or anything....you immediately say, "I trouble."  lol.  So we are constantly telling you that you aren't in trouble.  
*  If we are talking to you, often, you'll ask...."Whatchyou talkin' bout?" HAHA.  
*  "What's that?" Is another favorite.  Which is totally fine with us.  We love that you are intrigued by things and want to learn.  :)
*  Funniest thing ever....after daddy goes and get you in the morning and feeds you breakfast.  You come into our room and go over to momma's side of the bed and say to her, "Pssst, wake up!"  HAHA.  She laughs every.single.time.  We have no clue where you learned that but if sure does put a smile on our faces first thing in the morning.  Best part is that you know it makes us laugh so you are sure to say it every morning. 
*  Still loving Home Depot.  Its been a weekly thing lately.  We go and you immediately request to see the tractors.  And not just one tractor.  You have to try them all out.  Sitting on them, pretending to drive and pushing all the buttons.
*  We could be doing mundane things like going on a walk (pushing you in your stroller) or cooking dinner you will turn to us and say, "What you doing?"  HA.  Most of the time its totally obvious what we are doing but the fact that you ask us is so funny to us.  Its as if you want to start up a conversation. :)
*  You peed in the toilet for the first time ever (the 25th)!!  Daddy was getting you ready for your bath that evening and he asked you if you wanted to potty in the toilet.  And after about a minute of standing in front of the toilet you did it!!  A stream started and we started acting silly with pure excitement.  You were so so proud/excited too!  However, you have yet to continue this.  This only happens now each night before bath time.  But soon, soon we'll get you on the potty training train.  Just waiting until you are fully ready.
*  Lastly but most importantly....your prayers all-on-your-own are excellent!  You often say them by yourself each time we eat and at bedtime.  And one day during your prayer you said, "Dear Ward (Lord), thank you for everything, big and small.....we cracked up.  We've never said big and small during our prayers and we were wondering where you heard/learned that.  And then daddy remembered that when he reads your bible stories to you at bedtime he read a story about how Jesus loves everyone big and small.  :)  So now, your prayers go something like this (they've evolved over the past month): "Dear Lord, thank you for everything, big and small, for gpaw and abby (and he lists almost everyone in our family including cousins), I love you....Amen."  Seriously, we are the most proud when you say this all by yourself with your eyes tightly closed while holding our hands.  You can reach many learning milestones and other awesome milestones that we are proud of, but this one is the one that means the most.  We love that you love to talk to Jesus.  And yes, we always pray before our meal even if we are out at a restaurant and happy that it's become the norm for you and you won't be afraid to pray anywhere!

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