You're A 32 Month-er

Dear Sweet Boston,

     This picture fits you perfectly.  Always saying something.  You are full of words and thoughts.  You are still funny as ever.  Always wanting to make us laugh.  You are such a sweet little guy.  This past month was one of the best.

*  You are constantly making us laugh.  
*  You have learned to trace!  After practicing off and on for about a month you've gotten the concept down pretty good.
*  If we tell you to do something and you don't want to....then momma or dadda will say, "Ok, momma will do it." You immediately say, "No!  I do it!" Kinda our trick to getting you do whatever we want you to.  :)
*  You have learned what quarters and penny's are.  We are still working on nickels and dimes.  
*  We are still practicing how to say thank you, you're welcome and please in Spanish
* We had an awesome month with you this month.  You were mainly obeying!  You only went to time out maybe a hand full of times.  We are so proud.
* You are officially in a size 9 shoe.
* You still only drink milk and water.
* If you get reprimanded for something you will make a "cheesy" smile and completely throw me off and make me laugh.  Smart one, I tell ya. :)
* We are still rocking you to sleep (something that momma started about a month ago.  it was something she felt she wanted/needed to do one evening and you ended up loving it so much that you ask for it every night.  we keep asking ourselves "what did we start?"  But we are going to cherish it while it lasts.  we know that one day you won't want us to rock you at all).
* You do not like watermelon or cantaloupe.  
* You celebrated Mother's Day for the 3rd year with us.
* You LOVE to mow the yard with dada.  
* Your favorite foods are still: yogurt and granola.  
* Instead of eating your waffles plain now, we will put apple butter on them.  And you love it.
* You are still not potty trained.  We are still waiting until you are ready.  Even though you tell us when you need your diaper changed, you still have not wanted to go in the "potty."  But we promised not to rush you.  One thing we do know, you will not start kindergarten in diapers.  ha.  :)

We Love You Like Jesus Loves You,
Your Faithful Parents

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