Little Trash Man

Each Monday morning our little Boston wakes up shouting, "Garbage truck, garbage truck!"  He can hear it driving by his window early in the morning and has to see it.  As soon as dada hears him through the monitor, he immediately runs upstairs to get Boston out of his crib and onto his window seat so he can stand and watch the garbage truck pick up everyone's trash.

Later in the day after his nap, we head outside to the front yard.  As I sit on the driveway and fumble through our mail, he gladly pulls the trash cans and parks (as he would say) them in the garage.  He knows exactly where to put them and he sure is proud of himself when he's done.  I praise him and he gives off a huge grin.  It's one of the sweetest sights ever.  And dada, well he is just as proud to drive up after work seeing his trash cans already put up and in their place.
This gives me a huge lump in my throat.  He's growing up way too fast.  Seriously, he's already big/strong enough to pull our huge trash cans up to the garage?  Say it ain't so.  I mean, it felt like just yesterday he was laying on his mat having tummy time barely able to hold his head up.  Now....he's doing things teenagers usually do.  Noooo!!
Thanks, Bossy!!  Thanks for bringing the trash can and recycle bin and parking them in the garage with precision.  You rock it out.  And you make momma and dada proud.  Very proud.

After he's duty is done, he likes pull off the little red berry's from the tree and roll them down the driveway.  He loves watching them roll all the way down to the street if they don't get stuck in a crack on the way down.

These are simple things that we do near the end of the day (before dada comes home) I never want to forget.  They are so precious to me.
This day, he needed (as he says) to ride his scooter.  So that's what we did before it was time head inside to start dinner.
Oh and I love seeing my bulbs I planted two March's ago bloom every single summer!  And that mulch....well, that's not so pretty.  We need to get on that nowsville!
It was a great end to the end of our day.



M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Oh my he is just too cute!

Teresa said...

aww that is so sweet that he brings up the trash carts (:

National Garbage Man Day said...

June 17th, National Garbage Man Day
This June, John D. Arwood invites the nation to celebrate trash collectors, dumpster haulers, sewage workers, street cleaners and just about anyone who does the dirty jobs that we would rather not do ourselves. Arwood is raising awareness for our garbage men and women that make our cities and homes livable. “Garbage men are a sign of a healthy city,” said Arwood. Whether it’s the people who empty your fast food grease traps or deliver your port-a-potties, these are the people who make our lives smell better.
John D. Arwood found his enjoyment for recycling at a young age gathering aluminum cans around the neighborhood on his bicycle. Arwood grew up alongside his father in garbage collection and conservation. It has become a passion in the family. When asked about his family’s American Indian heritage, Arwood feels it plays a significant role in their decision to choose a pathway of conservation and honoring the environment by leaving a clean footprint.

I love this story!

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Callie Nicole said...

This is so cute, what a help he is!

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