Backyard Giraffe Pool

Its amazing how much fun a $9 pool with a giraffe head rising out of it could be.  But it's been a grand ol' time for our little man....and us too!  Last year at the end of summer, I browsed Targets 70% off sale of all of their summer stuff, saw this and knew that B would love it and be big enough for it the following summer. 
i can't believe how BIG Boston looks in this picture.  he looks like a kid and not a toddler!

So on the first day of summer (last Saturday) we pulled this baby out and surprised B with it.  He was ecstatic (more on that day later, because you know took about a billion pictures).

This is how we will be spending our days this summer.  In our giraffe pool.

We spent a good 4 hours outside on Monday until the sun started to hit the pool.  That was our clue to get inside, eat lunch and get B up for his nap.  It was one of the best days in a while.  It was so quiet and peaceful outside with just the two of us.  These are the days where I pinch myself that I actually get to do this during the day.  Seriously more than thankful.


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The Moon & Me said...

Love your suit pretty lady!!!! So glad you all are having a fabulous summer.

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