Blown Away

I've was pinching myself most of last week!  Why?

That would be because of all the exciting things that have been going on with my little ol' shop, Jennifer Ann, that I opened earlier this month!    

Let's do a short re-cap.....

The week before last I was approached by P.S. I Adore You on instagram to be a feature on their website!!  And I.was.honored to say the least!!  I was featured on Thursday and it was AH-mazing!!  The owners of the website treated me so well and really held my hand through my first official sale on a website.  I couldn't be more thankful.  And the best part, 123 leggings were sold within 12 hours.  The kicker.....I was supposed to be featured for 5 days but that ended when I completely sold out within those 12 hours!!  Now, I have 123 leggings to make (plus all the orders that come in daily) and I couldn't be more excited!!!!  If you ever want to find awesome stuff to buy for you or your babies at an awesome deal then you have to check out this website HERE!

THEN.....that same day.....my leggings were featured on little Ms. Apple Wiegand!!  She is the most precious little lady and seeing her in my leggings that I made especially for her was out-of-this-world filled with cuteness....to say the least!!  Thank you, Casey, for everything!!  You seriously are the best, friend!  :)  You can check out Apple and her Apple named leggings HERE.  

But wait, that's not all.....I have a little secret that I'll be sharing with y'all very soon that Casey and I are putting together.  It's seriously out of this world amazing and I can't thank her enough.  I was shocked (I might have jumped up and down like a crazy woman and screamed a little bit) when she asked me out of the blue.  I can't wait to spill the beans.  She is the sweetest person/friend ever.  If you aren't following her blog.....you are missing out.  For real.  

So that's how my week ended.....and I'm still in AWE over it all.  And in awe of how fast this little baby-legging-making business is going.  But I'm loving every second of it.  

Here are some of the latest leggings that have been made and put up on the website.


Allie said...


Positively Amy said...

SO excited for you girl!!! That is AMAZING!!!!! I mean, your leggings are SO PRECIOUS so who wouldn't love them??? And having them on Apple??! Um, CELEB! haha : ) xx

Julie Rogers said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!! You are doing AWESOME already!!!


Celeste Aslanyants said...

I'm SO SO happy for you!!! You definitely deserve all the good things coming your way. And girl, I definitely am going to have to get some of these leggings for little man once he arrives. They are adorable!

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