Kindermusik: Boston's First Music Class

We are oh so excited for Boston.

He's about to start his first semester of music class with Kindermusik.  They are all over, check to see if they have one in your city.  

We have always heard that music is great for stimulating parts of the brain that help with reading and math along with other beneficial habits such as self discipline and reasoning.  So why not sign him up for a semester long (ends in May) music class?  Maybe he'll benefit from this down the road. :)  We've always loved the idea of introducing some type of music instrument to B.  So what better way to do it than to attend a once a week music class where he can play with and hear different instruments with other peers his age?  

We are I am so excited to get started.  Today is our first day (we missed the first week which was last week because B had a slight fever.  but we can make it up anytime during the semester) and I'm hoping he loves it.  I'll be sure to let you know how he likes it after a couple of weeks.  And how I like it.  Yeppers, mommy gets to do everything he does.  We are gonna do it together!  Need to go work on my dance moves now.  :)

First time daddy introduced the guitar to Boston.  7 months old. 
poor daddy had poison ivy
Every so often daddy will pull out his guitar and show him a thing or two.

This year's plan is to get it out more often.  I'd love nothing more than for Boston to learn how to play the guitar.



Brittany GraceAnn said...

Awww my hubby plays guitar with our babies too!!! Such a fun way to interact with them <3 ADORABLE. XO

Mary Sauer said...

Love this! So sweet. We would love for Clementine to play an instrument.


Amy @ Not Your Average Baby Blog said...

Have fun! Classes are SO fun. Carter just finished a gymnastics class and we're starting a soccer class in a couple of months! It's so nice to have a regular day every week to get out of the house! I think the classes are just as much fun for parents as they are for the kids! : )

Kristin Ackerman @ the Ackerman three said...

SO FUN! I'm totally looking into that.

Jenn {Mommie Couture} said...

My hubs used to play the guitar {was in a band, that's how he stole my heart in the first place} and this post reminded me of how he used to play for Parker but hasn't played for Mason yet! Gotta bust out the guitar tomorrow for him! :) TOOOO CUTE! <3

DIY Davis Style said...

My sister teaches Kindermusik, I hope you both enjoy it! I can't say enough good things about it

Anonymous said...

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