TWO YEARS LATER - Thank You For Being Our Son

Dear Boston James,
      It's official.  You are now 2 years old, and what an awesome 2 year old you are.  You are the most handsome little boy we've ever seen.  It's nearly every day that we encounter a stranger out in public who sees you and goes out of their way to tell us how cute or handsome they think you are.  The best part of you, however, is not your looks... it's your kind and happy spirit.  You go out of your way to see other people, wave to them and say hello, and you've been known to blow kisses at complete strangers (or even passing helicopters or cars) when they pass by you.  It is our greatest joy in life to watch the son we created develop his personality into one of compassion, kindness, happiness, love, adventurousness and interest in all things.  These past two years have had both good and difficult moments, but the good moments, mixed with a few truly great ones, far outweigh the difficult times.  We wouldn't change a thing about this experience or about you.  We can only hope that the remainder of our time with you will be half as wonderful as these past two years.  You are an amazing little boy, and we thank God each and every night for giving you to us.  We are better people for it. 

      As we've done every month since you were born, we add to this letter all of the things you've started to do, or like, or say, or want during this past month. 

* you started taking your shirts off all by yourself.
* you LOVE blowing kisses to everyone and everything.  even when a bus passes by. :)
* you are very much a lover boy.  you love giving hugs and snuggles to us and friends.
* you are very inquisitive.  you aren't much of a talker around others, but you definitely study others.
* you constantly want us in your crib when you wake up.  you say, "momma" or "dada" and then point to your bed.  I have to say we love it, a lot.
* duck is a new favorite word.
* you very much so love ready your books.  
* the children's ministry at church always compliments you on how kind and loving you are.
* when jumping or sliding you like to say, "1,2,3 ready, go!"
* you still sign "more" when you want more of something.  although you say it, too.  
* you still sign "hungry" when you want to eat.
* anytime someone sneezes/coughs you say "bess" for bless you.  ha.
* park is another favorite word.  in fact, we no longer can come in the entrance of our neighborhood because you see the park and want to go, even when we can't go that day.  so instead of having a full meltdown, we go in and out the back entrance of our neighborhood.  
* you LOVE to "talk" on the phone.  you begin by saying, "eo" for hello and then jibber jabber quickly and then say, "Bye."  lol.  cracks us up!
* you are now down to one nap a day.  it's an average of 2-4 hours.  
* your new favorite foods are cookies.  no surprise.  you might have a sweet tooth like momma.
* you still only drink water and milk.  that'll happen probably until you are about 3 or 4.  :)
* anytime you see a clock you say, "cok."
* you now know lowercase letters a, b,c,d and e.
* when you're done eating you say, "aw dow" and put your hands up.  
* you constantly ask, "what is that?"
* every night when we put you to bed the last words you say to us are, "bye bye, momma and bye bye, dada."  we look forward to that each and every night.  
* when we pray (before each meal and at bed time) and we ask you to close your eyes, you put your hand over one eye.  ha.  while the other eye is still looking at us. :)
* when I point to a cross, you say, "Jesus!"
* if you can't find momma or dada, you walk around saying, "where you go?" or when you play peek-a-boo, you hold your eyes closed and say it.  :)
* your new favorite movie is Lion King and saying, "Simba."
* when you see a lion, you say, "ROOAR!"

       We love you and we love what you have done to our hearts in just 2 short years.

Your Momma and Dada

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