A Day At The Pumpkin Patch

Like in 2010 (when Boston was almost 3 weeks old) and 2011 we again went to the same pumpkin patch this year.

This year was more fun with him walking (he actually officially started walking on Halloween last year) and doing a lot more talking.  His main word the whole time: tractor.  Yup, this guy was all about the tractors that were giving hayrides around the farm and none about the pumpkins.  I guess since the pumpkins don't make loud noises, have an engine and move, then they are chop liver to him.  
When we got there, they had some wagons sitting around that people could use so we snagged one.  The first time he rode in it, he thought it was pretty cool.  He's never been in a wagon before.  Until he discovered that it was way more fun to push/pull the wagon like daddy.   

Ohhh and there was a mini train ride.  Too bad the line was a mile long or we would have ridden that again this year.  
After seeing these pictures, I've decided it's time for a trim-trim of the hair-hair.  Baby got locks!!
Brutus just being Brutus (that's his nickname since he likes to pick up things that are heavy).

Patiently waiting for our turn to get on the hayride.  Highlight of his day.  

He sat there in complete silence during the whole ride taking it all in.  I only wish I knew what he was thinking.  

Until next year.....


Dara said...

have you cut his hair previously? I think it looks cute! but I guess I'm biased since I have a boy with long hair!

Amy said...

Super cute pictures. Glad you guys had a good time at the pumpkin patch! Happy Halloween.

Yüz Germe said...

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Yüz Germe

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