Bits of Us Via iPhone

on our way to a play date at our church
 bubble land's fire truck.  just feeds Bos's fire about fire trucks.
 out on a dinner date with this guy.
 while having our "date" before our church service, jer surprised me with this warm blueberry scone.  it went great with my nonfat iced mocha.  
 more bubble land fun
 this is our time to have our photo op alone while we wait for church service.  i love this time with my hotty/smarty so much.
 you know, talking about this slide we are about to slide down.  just the norm.  mother son convo.  :)
 doing his usual....people watching.
 a during the week lunch with dada.  one of our fav's.
 i've had this fabric for nearly a year.  still can't decide what to do with it.  have  ideas but nothing is set.  but rest assure, you'll know when I know.  :)
seeing packages on our front porch is freakin' awesome.  even if it IS for Boston and not me.  
coconut sno cones.  i'm gonna miss them.
 one of my new Etsy bracelets.  love it.  so dainty and to the point.  


Megan said...

I love the bracelet! He is so adorable!!

The Smiths said...

Great pictures. Love that bracelet and the yellow chevron fabric.

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