Let's Go Splashing At The Pad With Friends

Our day at the splash pad consisted of a lot of picture taking, water, BFF's, mommies, sun, lunch and girl talk. 

Pretty much a perfect recipe for a play date in my book.
needed a picture without those dang sunglasses on.  
 Meghan is so sweet and has such a kind heart.  My favorite part: she loves B so much!  :)
B trying to feed Londyn (Meg's daughter) a mermaid.  Ha.  Excited for them to grow up as great friends!
 "Here, I'll wash it off for you if that will make it taste better!"
 Master B walking around like he owns the place.
 He thought it was so funny splashing her in the face.
Got a surprise overhead bucket dumped on his head.  wasn'ttoohappyatall
Once he discovered he could move these and spray people he was all better.
 Another BFF, Riley (Kelli's son).
 Kelli....this chick is hilarious.  She cracks me up!
Our day at the splash pad overall was pretty fantastic.  Getting to hang out with a great group of mommies is so much fun.  Not to mention, their kids are fun to be around, too.  They are all so sweet and well behaved and they all get along perfectly!

There's nothing like fun play dates with awesome people.


Dara said...

Boston and Londyn, how cute! they should totally get married. :)

The Smiths said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

Cait said...

aww looks like a great time! i love their names! adorable blog by the way! cant wait to read more!

Vivian said...

How FUN! And your outfit is so cute!

Tiffany said...

I always love your pics! They turn out so perfect! Looks like you guys had a fun time :)

Would love for you to check out the details on my link-up (sorry it wasn't a preggo announcement--hopefully that will come soon :D )


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