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Story time fun.
Story of his life: bubbles.
Terrible weather I got to drive into.  I'm such a scardy cat when it comes to bad weather.
Just another "swim" day at the Cooks.
We've been invaded by grasshoppers this summer.  Boston like to pick them up and accidentally squish them with his fingers.
My Jet.  My first son.  My baby that's been neglected for about 22 months.  But he's pretty dang awesome.
More baby-food-makin'.
Theeeese....aka cheese!
1.  love that Boston is now counting (as of Wednesday).  it's like.....4....3.....6 kinda counting.  but he's still counting! :)

2.  so excited that our Austin anniversary trip post is DONE and is scheduled for next week.  so be on the lookout!  :)

3.  one of my 3 bracelets that i ordered from Etsy was sitting on my front porch when we got home one day.  i'll share them when they all get here.  hurry up already, bracelets!!

4.   wahoo for my hair finally growing out since cutting 6 inches.  it's about half way there.  fasthairgrower.

5.  diet A&W cream soda is my favorite go to drink lately.  so good.  


Meredith Hilton said...

so many awesome pictures! :)

Celeste said...

I absolutely HATE grasshoppers...thankfully we don't have them here, but at my dad's there are literally hundreds! Ugh. And your little pup is so cute!!! As is your little man, but I'm sure I've said that in most comments I've left here :)

Mrs. Baker said...

great pics :)

Whitney Cramer said...

Wow your little boy is precious!! If you want more jewelry come check out the bracelet I'm giving away on my blog! It's my first ever give away! www.sippycupsandpearls.com

Erika Trevathan said...

I'm going to have to try the dt A&W cream soda. Sounds yummy!:)

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