Boston's Very Own Tree

Let's rewind to late summer/early fall of 2010 when the bambino was still occupying my uterus.

Upon Boston coming into the world, Jer and I decided that we would do something special for our little man, something that gave off oxygen and produces photosynthesis.  Also known as a tree.  A tree that will be his to water and watch grow through the years.  A tree that we would stand him next to each year to measure his growth against the tree's growth.

This year on mother's day, we took another picture at the same place....next to this tree.  
However, we originally thought we would plant this tree soon after Boston was born.  As in, a week or two.  Maybe even a month or so.  But....little did we know how much time and energy a newborn takes up.  And time got away from us.

So much so that it unfortunately got pushed to the back burner for 6 whole months.  I was a little busy.  Busy changing diapers, nursing, changing diapers, nursing, and a little sleep here and there....not thinking about picking out, buying and planting a tree (at least actually doing it, I always thought about it in the back of my mind).

BUT, when he turned 6 months in April of 2011 we decided that we would get'er done....reeaaal soon.  Meaning, there was no more procrastinating.

And since mother's day was approaching, we thought it'd be a perfect time to get it and plant it so that we could "measure" him and the tree ON mother's day every year.  It would be a way-to-remember-when-to-measure-him-and-the-tree type of thing.  Because if it was just any ol' day, I'd never remember to take pictures and measure them.  See how I think?  Very methodical.  ha.

Sooo, that's what we did.

He had just turned 7 months.  And boy do I miss that sling (Baby K'Tan....best sling ever!!!), that sling went everywhere with us.  Too bad he's almost the size of a full grown person now and almost as tall as my 5'0 frame or I'd stick him in there in a heartbeat.

In deciding on a tree to get him.  We based our decision mostly on the meaning of the tree.  We wanted it to have a special meaning.  Which is why we chose a Crepe Myrtle.  We loved the meaning of it and we also loved how pretty crepe myrtle's are when they are in full bloom.  It symbolizes: "marital fidelity, as well as simple, uncomplicated love, good luck in relationships, prosperity, and a long, happy life."  All of which we hope he has in his lifetime.
This tree is one of our favorite things that we've done for our little guy.  We look forward and are excited to watch this tree and our little guy grow together for many more decades.

In the case that we ever move, we can carefully uproot it and move it to it's new house.

It's something we plan on doing for each of our children.  Maybe for our next child (if we even have another child), we'll actually do it SOON after it's born.  :)


Sara said...

I love this idea. My sister did this with both of her daughters and it was nice to see a picture of the next to it year after year.

Mallory said...

Hi Jennifer- I'm your newest follower from the hop. My grandmother planted a tree when my dad was born and it is still behind what used to be my great grandmothers house and it's huge. We don't know the people who live there now but we can still see the tree. My dad just turned 61 last week.

simplyevani.com said...

Such a sweet idea! And a fun photo location to show his growth. :)


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