It's Airplanes

Here at our DFW airport they have an area just outside the airport where you can watch planes take off and land called Founder's Plaza.  They have binoculars, benches and tables (for those that want to have a picnic).

Boston loves airplanes.  Like IN love.  This kid was about 10 months when we noticed him pointing to the sky while outside or driving.....we'd look up and there would be an airplane a couple of thousands of feet in the air flying over.  To this day, he can spot an airplane anytime!

He even stops and points to the ceiling and says, "Whooaa!" when he hears them from inside our house.

So, it was a no brainer that we wanted to take him to Founder's Plaza when we had an open evening.  
A little fun fact.....growing up, Jer wanted to be either an attorney or a pilot.  Since he went on to become an attorney, he's now an aviation attorney and loves/knows everything about airplanes.  Apple doesn't fall far huh?!
Such a cool experience for the B-man.
After about 15-20 minutes of sitting and watching, B decided he needed a little exercise.  So we walked.  Walked all around the plaza.  That was when his attention span went out the window.  
Pointing at a little girl.  No shame.
It was time to go.  He was over watching airplanes.  He was on to bigger and better things, like running around aimlessly and getting in peoples way.
Regardless of how long we were there this night is for the books.

Until next year.

PS.....I'm so excited to be a Guest Blogger for Crystal over at Coffee At Nordstrom while she is off on her honeymoon!!!  Crystal is so stinkin' adorable and I'm so happy for her and her new husband.  I'm talking about our "Love Story/Engagement/Wedding."  Come and say hello!

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Celeste said...

I had no idea you could do this at DFW! Pretty cool idea...might have to take the husbands little nephews at some point. Boston is ADORABLE by the way. I love his tiny Toms!

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