Confessional Friday

I'm beyond uber excited to be writing a "Confessional Friday" post today and linking up for the first time with Leslie at A Blonde Ambition!  I have to admit, I do that weird stalk-ish type of thing with her blog (and occasionally comment), so I'm not that weird.  She's a southern girl, stinkin' adorable and oh so stylish.  I love reading what she has to say.  If you haven't been following her, you should!  Thankful to some of her "style" tips I don't leave my house (most of the time) looking like a mis-matched freak.  I actually have a teensy bit of style.  At least to me, anyway.  :)

Okay, so here she blows.  My confessions....

- I confess that I am hooked on the show Sister Wives.  Kinda obsessed.  Not sure why.  I don't believe in polygamy but i'm so intrigued.  Just like I was with the Toddlers and Tiaras show (pretend I didn't just admit that to the world but now that you know, don't judge).
- I confess that I have not been doing even half way good on my "diet."  I've had way too much candy lately.  From welch's fruit bites to Blue Bell banana pudding ice cream to hot tamales to pizza more than once in a week.  But mama is getting back on track (come Monday, ha).  

- I confess that I'm about to go crazy on someone if they don't send me my new U-Verse modem ASAFP aka.....as-soon-as-freakin'-possible.  It's been almost two weeks!  I know they are shipping it via snail mail, but geez people, mama needs to watch her shows!  Like yesterday.  

- I confess that I've been terr-ible with making my meal plans.  Poor starving husband and baby.  But I plan to get back to it starting Monday when I go to the grocery store.

- Speaking of grocery stores.....I confess that I love to grocery shop.  I don't mind it one bit.  It's actually a little peaceful.  Even with a toddler (that has plenty of food/milk/toys to keep him entertained happy).

- I confess that about a month ago, I got pulled over while driving!  Now, I know I'm not the best driver (at all) but this time it wasn't because "I" did something wrong.  He pulled me over because one of my headlights was out (it had JUST gone out that same night).  I was driving home (following Jer) when the cop flipped his lights on.  THEN!!!  He asked to see my driver's license and insurance.  And what do you know!  The insurance card I had was expired!  THEN!!!  He looked at the back of my driver's license and then asked me if I still wear contacts.....and being the honest person that I am I said, "No, I had lasik about 6 years ago."  He said, "well you know ma'am, that's a violation because you're supposed to change it on your driver's license."  Ummm.....no I had no idea.  Never heard of such a thing!  Basically, I had THREE violations that night, 1) headlight out, 2) no current insurance card, and 3) lasik.  Haha.  Well, thankfully he only ticked me for the contacts violation.

But what a lame ticket!  I guess it was the end of the month so he needed to meet his quota.  Nonetheless, I got my license changed a few days ago.  Now I have to deal with the court stuff to get-it-gone!  

- I confess that I've had a slight obsession with Target lately.  From their new home "shops" to their clothing to their jewelry to their.....everything.  I can't get enough.  I even went 3 times in one week (last week).  

- I confess that I've dreamt about blogging recently.  My husband laughs and thinks I'm a crazy woman.  

- I confess that I've been a really reaallllyyy bad friend lately.  I have so many play dates that I need to get to.  I've been so busy and have had to put them off.  Sorry friends!!  Come Monday, I'll be back in action and I wanna see all your pretty faces!!!

- I confess that I haven't been to church in over a MONTH!  Eeekkk.  Disappointed.  Very much so.  

- I confess that I LOVE it when my boytoy wears his converse.  Something about him being a professional but also being able to dress his age....kills me.

- I confess that I bought a super cute navy one piece (my first ever) bathing suit last week from Old Navy!  love it so much.  it was there - right when I walked into the door - waiting to be bought.

- I confess that I have a few bloggy crushes.  :)  

- I confess that I desperately need to work out in preparation for our family beach trip in October.  Times-a-tickin'.  And this girl needs to loose 20 more LB's.  

- I confess that I'm a sucker for buying things for the B-man.  Every.where.I.go.  I don't think I ever leave a store without buying him something.  It's a true sickness.

- I confess that I just bought him his first backpack and I'm so flippin' excited about it and how cute it is!!!  
- I confess that I've been on the lookout for cheap/cute/sturdy sunglasses cases.  I constantly have about 4-5 sunglasses just thrown into my purse and they constantly get broken or scratched.  So it was time to invest in some cases for them, err two of them.  Found some last night at wal-mart!  4 buckaroos.  couldn't beat the price.  

- Lastly, I confess that life is good!!!  :)


P.S. - I'll be back on Sunday (which is rare) with a post!


Julie Marie said...

Love it. Especially loved that you dreamt about blogging. Hilarious. Sounds like something my.husband would make fun of me for to. Whenever I tell him something about "the blog"...his response is "I'll have to keep that in mind for when I do my blog" lol. Such a brat.

Jamie said...

Ahhh, I got hit with the same corrective license issue a few years back. Mr. Officer said it was an ARRESTABLE offense! Good thing I had little peanut in the car, or momma would have gone to jail! Craziness, this is something that they should add to your post-op paperwork at the Dr. Good luck with that.

Vivian said...

The sister wives live pretty close to me, I've see some of them once in a while at the store,etc. Kind of weird because you would never guess by looking at them that they have that lifestyle.

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Thanks so much for linking up, sweet girl! I'm also a lover of going to the grocery store, haha! I have no idea why, but I just enjoy buying food and taking it home and organizing it in the pantry...so weird, I know : )

The Sweetest Thing said...

When I'm a mom, I want to look, act, and dress like you! You are cool and so dang cute!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

I like Sister Wives too!!! Not sure why - it's kind of like this weird thing I can't keep my eyes off of! :) HAHA! Have a great weekend!!

Mrs. Baker said...

i wish i liked to grocery shop! yuck!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl hey! Visiting from Confessional Friday!

I completely love grocery shopping too! In fact I have tossed around the lofty idea of opening a business where that's all I do. I'd be in heaven!! :)

Happy Friday!!

[Life of Meg]

Ashley Mitchell said...

Seriously I dream about blogging, I think about it all day and on top of that I have huge blog crushes haha love it!

Nicholl Vincent said...

Love it!

visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

Have a great weekend! xo

Tiffany said...

Bahaha so funny about Sister Wives! We record it every week--it's seriously the train wreck you can't take your eyes off.


LWLH said...

My hubs always makes fun of me for blogging stuff, but atleast I am cooler than him when he wears those ridiculous headsets for XBox.

Found you through the GFC bloghop, one of your newest followers :)

Lisamarie said...

Hi lady! I just found your blog. Thanks for following me! I am following you now becuase I love love your your little Boston! So sweet!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, that stinks about the ticket! We got a dumb one like that once - we got pulled over for our license plate being too dirty, then got a ticket because we didn't have our updated insurance card. Sometimes I think cops just get bored and decide to give out lame tickets, you know?

Arika Yasmine said...

It seems that you are a little happy family :D
hopefully I can be happy too with the marriage life...
I have followed your blog, follower number 176
Can't wait for you to do the same :)

Make sure to join OASAP giveaway here


Eli@coachdaddyblog said...

Wait a minute - we're not supposed to have pizza more than once a week??

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