Here lately we've.....attended to 3 birthday parties, had play dates and learned that we need to child-proof more.
At Jaxon's 1st birthday party (before we went to see Thomas the Train, more on that another day).  Love these two.  They are definitely buddies.  
Secrets.  :)
Hugs from a buddy.
Uh oh.  Tug of War.  As I take pictures.  Ha.
Jaxon, the birthday boy.  Boston loves little kids, lately.
Sharing his grape with Jaxon.
Jaxon with his mommy, Crystal.  Childhood friend and still great friends.  Love her to pieces.  Oh and her house.....well, it's BEAUTIFUL!!!  I guess that comes with being a pharmacist.  And yep, I bug her about what med's to give B when he's sick.  :)

This weekend, we....

Attended Londyn's 1st birthday party.  I totally forgot to take pictures of the birthday girl.....I was too busy taking pictures of this guy.
But I did manage to get a picture of Londyn's daddy with Jer.
Here lately, Boston has been becoming terrified of water.  Even his baths that he's loved so much all of his life.  Not sure what the heck is going on but he must get over it.  I'm hoping this is just a phase.

It must be time for swim lessons asap to kick the fear!

Daddy tried letting him feel the water and he wasn't having it.
Do daddy tried taking him to the other part of the pool where he would be able to walk in.  And nope.  Wasn't happening.
God did me well with blessing me with these two boys.  
Later that night, we headed over to Fort Worth for a birthday dinner with my brother!  Love him so much.  I can't believe you're 27, Bub!  :)
Recently, we noticed that this guy is pulling our kitchen and bathroom drawers open and emptying them out.  So not cool.  Especially when he gets a makeup compact and breaks it.
Since he is now more than my height he can even look into the drawers and choose what he wants.
"A cookie cutter looks fun, I'll take that."
Our play date with Londyn and my BFF aka Londyn's mommy, Meghan.  We made cookies that day and prepared the party favors.  Oh and, hung out by the pool.  :)  Hard life.
They love each other.  In a friendly/bff/sister-brother way.  :)  We haven't chosen a girlfriend for him just yet.  Uh huh, we'll choose the girlfriends.  We are kinda picky.  ;)
This makes me and Meg laugh.  He's not sure about the whole "touching the leg" thing.
Oh and then there's the "feeding" part to their relationship.  Such a gentleman.  And yes, we got it on video so that we can show them just in case there's ever a wedding they share.  

Happy Monday!

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April said...

Such cute kids! I remember play dates when my girls were little...they're now 20 and 15! Enjoy those special times! I'm a new follower!

Bethany said...

Such sweet pictures! Your boy is adorable!!!

Tami said...

Thank you so much for linking up! It sounds like you guys had a crazy busy weekend! Boston is adorable and I love all of the pictures with Londyn. So cute!

THE COOK'S said...

April - aw, thanks so much! I'm definitely cherishing every day with this little guy. :) Yay for being a new follower!!!

Bethany - you are so stinkin' sweet. Thanks, friend!!

Tami - you are so very welcome! Thanks, girly! :))

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