Miscellany Monday

1)  We bought this book about 3 months ago and read maybe 10 pages.  But soon, very soon we are going to have to start reading this full force.  Boston is about to be 18 months and he's starting to act more like he's in his terrible two's.  We have to get a handle on things, quick.  We have heard a lot of good things about this book so we thought we'd try it out.  We'll let you know our verdict when we start reading it and following it.
2)  Last Wednesday, we had lunch with one of my BFF's (yes, I still call some of my friends BFF's, ha), Meghan, and her oh-so-adorable-daughter Londyn for Meghan's birthday.  We went to an uber cute little chic coffee/cupcake/lunch shop.  
He's obsessed with sunglasses.  Ha.
Me and little Londyn.  Love her.
Sweet Meghan with the B-ster 
Isn't this place adorable?  
Oh and we can't forget why we really came here.....their delicious huge cupcakes!  After lunch we treated ourselves to delish mint chocolate chip cupcake.  Talk about wowsers!  It was so amazing.
3)  Boston LOVES his Dr. Brown's bottles.  He never took to a pacifier but he will walk around with an empty bottle and just suck on it like a pacifier.  It's like his little comfort habit.  But it's a habit that we have to break, soon.  I know most people rid their babies of bottles at a year old.  Well, I just couldn't take his "comfort" away so soon.  So we I decided that 18 months old could be a good time.  We give him his bottle for his naps and at bedtime, other than that, throughout the day he uses only sippy cups or cups with straws.  But at his 15 month appointment, his doctor was adamant about getting rid of bottles.  Wish us luck!  Oy.  

4)  This weekend was SUPER low key.  We actually spent a total of $5 the w-h-o-l-e weekend!  Couldn't believe it.  Friday night, after B went to bed, we had movie night.  We rented this movie that I had been dying to see.  And it didn't disappoint.   It was great.
5)  I've been terrible at loosing weight.  There was one week that I was horrible.  I didn't follow my diet at-all!  But last week, I got back on track after a little pep talk from another BFF, Tiffany.  She and I are doing the same diet.  We started together and she's lost a total of 23 pounds!!  And me, well, I've lost a meazling 10 pounds.  I even gained .6 lbs over the past 3 weeks.  But I'm determined to loose about 10 more before June.  :)

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Sarah Hope Dickert said...

New reader! I'm here from Carissa's link-up... love the blog! I'm working on losing weight too. What diet are ya'll doing?

Agdmeredith said...

I love the pictures!! So cute! Miss you and Meghan :)

Anonymous said...

That little shop is sooo cute! And my son was 2 when I finally took away the bottle and I cried! I felt soooo bad for taking away something that he loved sooo much!
-barbie @ www.styleofamrs.blogspot.com

THE COOK'S said...

Yay for being a new reader, Sarah!!! I haven't actually said which diet I'm doing because I wanted to wait to loose a little more but I'll secretly tell you....Weight Watchers and I love it!!! :))

Mer - MISS YOU TOO!!! Come see us soon! :))

Barbie - Awww, well I could possibly cry too! Ha. I will feel terrible. I'm really hoping he quits wanting them on his own. :/ Or I might just wait until he's 2 also. Hehe. Thanks so much for stopping by!! :))

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