Memory Box for Boston

Anytime I open the door and see a package on my front porch I go b-a-n-a-n-a-s.  It's like Christmas to me.  My neighbors probably think I'm a crazy lady.  I have even been known to see the UPS truck coming, grab my camera and take a picture of him dropping off the package.  Uh uh, I'm that weirdo.  Oh, and he just laughed while shaking his head.  :)

Anyway, about 2 weeks ago I saw that PaperCoterie.com was having a 60% off sale.  So that called for momma to immediately get on and lock in my price by purchasing Boston a Memory Box.  Something that I've been badly needing to get for all of his keepsakes.  They are all currently residing in his side table drawer that sits next to his rocker in his room.  I chunk things in there with no organization.  It's a mess of a drawer.    
So about Paper Coterie.  It has tons of uber cute things.  It was hard not to buy more than one thing.  I actually had a few things in my "cart" until I realized that I could live without them.... for now.  Yup - I can't believe it either.  I can't believe I stopped myself from buying more.  When it comes to getting B things, I tend to go over board.  It's an illness.  I can't control it.

So get this....the original price for their memory boxes are $38.  After taking 60% off, it brought it to $15.20.  Craziness.  After adding $8.65 for shipping my grand total was: 23.85 buckaroos!  Bam!  

Okay, let's get to the nitty gritty.  The actual memory box.  The thing I got for under $25.  The thing that will be with Boston for the rest of his life.  :)  

This is the front.  I decided to use one of his newborn pictures instead of a current picture because  a) he's super adorable in this picture, and b) it IS his "baby" memory box so I wanted to be able to see his cute little newborn face every time I pulled out the box 
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw how big the box really is.  It's gonna be perfect for holding all kinds of stuff.  Can't wait to start filling it up.
Side: his name with his birthdate.  So that when/if we have more children, we will know who's memory box is who's when their boxes are on a shelf standing up like a book.  :)
The back: we put his scripture that Jer and I LOVE for him.  It's exactly our prayer for him.  


Holly said...

I love his box... I may have to copy this idea.

And I too get excited over deliveries. Completely normal! :)

The Smiths said...

What a great idea! I have all kind of stuff for Jackson and I need a place to keep it all. This would be perfect. Its really cute and what a great deal!

THE COOK'S said...

Yes, definitely, Holly!!! You should totally get one too! :))

Thanks, Smiths!! :) Jackson definitely needs one too. :)

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