Boston's Daddy aka Da-Da

This guy is amazing.  He's not only a bucket of handsome-ness, he's also a fantastic and genuine husband, and the best-daddy-Boston-could-have-ever-been-blessed-with.  You see, Jer is one of those people that was born with a kind soul, soft heart and a gentle spirit.  He's the person that anyone can call on for advice and guidance.... mainly because he's a very trustworthy and honest but at the same time kind person.  He's the best of best friends anyone could have and I feel so lucky to be his #1!  Thank goodness, because he's definitely the calm to my drama storm.

Anyway, my real point is that I'm unbelievably proud of the father he is to Boston.  I could always imagine how he would be as a father but I never really knew how he would be until he became one.  He adores our little man A LOT and I wanted to share just 2 of the thousand things that Jer does that I'm so thankful for.

These are his two rituals when it comes to Boston:

1)  he's the daddy that will work late (at least 2 days a week), get home from a long day just in time to eat dinner with us, bathe Boston, read him his bedtime stories and say his prayers for bedtime (which is 7:30).  It's their "bonding" time together and I think Boston appreciates/loves that time with da-da.  All the while, I'm cleaning up the kitchen from dinner, preparing his bedtime milk and getting his room picked up from the day of playing.

 My heart can hardly handle these moments.  I don't ever want to forget them.
*yep, Boston's toe is poking out of his footie. ha.  gotta sew that up for that big ol' toe* :)

2)  this is something that "they" do every.single.morning.without.a.doubt (even weekends).  Every morning when B wakes up (between 7-7:30) he goes upstairs, changes his diaper, brings him down and puts him in his booster chair and feeds him his breakfast.  All the while I'm snoozing away.  He lets me sleep in as long as possible until it's time for him to leave for work (around 8am).  I am so grateful for the little things he does for me and couldn't imagine my life any other way.  God is great and I get to experience his greatness first hand.

Okay, okay, enough about Jer.  His head just might explode.  We wouldn't want that to happen since he uses that brain to support our family.  :-)



Holly said...

What a sweet post! But yes, his head exploding would be pretty bad! :P

THE COOK'S said...

Ahhh, thanks, Holly!!! HAHA. That's funny. :-)

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