Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

December, I love you so much.

And I love that Boston is old enough this year to see our Christmas tree.  He has really enjoyed grabbing the tree limbs and making the balls bounce and pulling the balls off and throwing them onto our tile,  daily.

In general, he is fascinated with all lights but now he is especially in favor of the ones on our tree.

Last year I did all the work while he mostly watched from my arms at a whopping 8 weeks old.  But we did manage to get a picture of him "helping" me put a ball onto the tree.  
This year:
While daddy unloaded the tree, he helped me fluff the limbs for about 2.5 seconds then he was over it.  
He was on to better prettier things that daddy was getting out of the bins.  Lights!
After Jer made sure they worked, he unplugged them and started checking the rest of our lights.  Meanwhile, Boston wrapped himself in the string of lights.  Smart little fella.  Why drag them when you can carry them around your neck/body?!
Don't worry, we kept a real good eye on him while the lights were plugged in.  :-)
He was fascinated and kept him busy for a good while.  At least until we got out all of the balls.  Another great love of his.  Soccer balls, footballs, ornament balls, balloons....and all circular objects are called "Ba."
Yes, we STILL wrap our Christmas tree with lights.  I know, that's so 1990's but we I am so cheap that I'd prefer to live in the 90's to save 100 buckaroos of Jer's hard workin' money.  You're welcome, lover.  :)    

However, this year if I can get my booty out of bed the morning after Christmas, I'm going straight to one of the big stores to get a drastically marked down pre-lit tree.  But I wouldn't hold your breathe.
 Taking a break from all the work.  He loves being outside and looking at the trees.  His third love.
And finally....we had our tree put up and decorated.
Our theme this year is red, blue, twine/burlap, silver and red/white stripes (the stripes aren't on the tree but our other decor will have stripes).

A handmade twine ornament ball.
Because that day was just a teensy bit cold Jer made us a fire.  Fact about Jer: he's a pyromaniac.  Yup-since childhood.  His parents actually have video footage of him having a blast playing with their fireplace fires.

We have plenty of wood since we got our backyard trees cut down this past summer.  We had the tree cutter downers (yes that's my name for tree people.  they cut down trees.  makes sense to me) save wood for us that Jer cut into logs.

Oh and excuse the long hippy hair.  I hadn't had time to cut his hair, hence the hat.
 Boston's first time to see a fire burning in our house.  He was fascinated.  Uh oh, a little pyro, maybe?

This image was the ending to a pretty perfect day with my two boys.  

Happy Holidays!

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