Bye Bye Ugly Fence

WHOA, we had a full, fun and family filled weekend!  Today especially.  Our weekend update will be coming tomorrow!  Hint: Baby, pumpkins and fair!  :-)


Part of getting prepared for Boston's 1st birthday party, we also got something uh-mazing (at least to Jer) for our backyard.  When we set out to have B's party in our backyard we knew we HAD to do something with our ever so fugly fence.  When I say fugly, I mean, uglier than a lard bucket full of armpits (I know, so lame).  It truly was that ugly!

We couldn't have that type of ugly at our party so Jer called up a friend of his that owns a fencing company. We got two quotes from him and another company and ultimately decided to give our Jer's hard working money to our friend, Marcus.

Who knew fences were SO expensive.  But in Jer's eyes he couldn't get a mediocre fence, he needed the mother ship of a fence.  The top of the line, best of the best fence...so that's what we got.  Now I'm gonna need Boston's money tree to start producing.

We started with this...

Keep reading if you are really ready to see this mess of a fence.

Okay, here you go:

Jer never did like our fence.  It was a side-by-side 6 foot tall, 2 inch plank fence and that just didn't cut it with him.  We always knew we'd end up replacing it but I didn't think we'd end up replacing it within 5 years of owning our home, but it was time.  Plus, the fact that it wasn't stained made our decision easier because over the course of 5 years it had turned from a brown wood color to a washed out gray.

Another draw back to this fence were the trees.  So we had them cut down in order to build our new fence straight across the back of our lot which made a huge difference.  

Building process (which looks like really hard work for those guys):

Here she is!  Our new beauty...

With an 8 ft tall fence it feels like a fortress in our backyard now.  Sooo private.  :)

I know, boring post, but I hope our B-man one day knows the efforts we took to make his party special.  :-)  Plus, Jer's been determined to get his new baby and is extremely happy with it.  Every time he looks out our windows he falls in love with it all over again.    

Happy Monday,

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