Little Weekend Teasers

Oh my, oh my, I'm going to have to tame myself on this post.  I'm F.I.L.L.E.D. with excitement about what's been happening lately in the Cook household.  Can we all say: par-tayyy planning???  The last few weekends have been crazy busy planning Bos's first birthday.

Jer and I realized that we only have 5 weeks and 4 weekends left to finish everything.  Saturday we went to Wal-Mart in Grapevine (my favorite walmart.  it's been remolded and has about 5 aisles of  party stuff) for some little things that I couldn't find cheaper online.
**On a side note...I really really love this sling.  I'm STILL using it - even with a 23 pounder!  I have used it since he was a few weeks old.  I would highly recommend this sling to every new mom.  It's a must have.  I have used it all kinds of ways to carry him when I don't want to put him in his stroller (when he was littler I would use it instead of keeping him in his car seat all the time so I would put him in it if we went into a store or visited people, plus I loved that he would be nestled up to my chest which helped him stay asleep longer) for a quick trip into a store or if I forget his cart seat cover.**

Back to the party talk. When we got home we started on a few more projects I had planned to do. Projects that required Jer's help. We worked on them Saturday and all day yesterday until about 7pm when we finally called it quits. Now, there are a few things that I can tackle without Jer's help throughout the week (among some other odds and ends to things I've already started like the invitations which are pretty much done. they just need to be addressed).

Okay, as for the Little Teasers title...I thought I'd share some tid-bits about what we did over the weekend, in picture form. There's not much to see in them because I can't show you everything just yet. It's somewhat of a surprise (maybe some of you can even guess what each picture actually is). In fact, you have to wait a whole month and a few days (until after his party) to see the final product of everything. Trust me, there will be a whole post dedicated to all things birthday party. It'll be my way of remembering how and what all we did for our future reference. And, it's okay, you can all call me a tease. Sorry if you don't liked to be teased. And if you don't, then I suggest you stop reading right here!

Go ahead...close this post...

Now for some teasers.

You guessed it - his party invloves the color RED! 

Hope everyone had a fun and cool weekend,

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