9 Months Old...Really?

Dear Boston,
    You have had many developments this past month.  Probably any more than any other month.  We are so blessed that we get to watch you grow each month.  Mommy is especially blessed to get to see every little thing you do at that moment since she is with you 24/7.  Thank you for being such a great son.  You are funny, mellow, happy, handsome and lovable.  We couldn't imagine our lives without you.  You have been an absolute blessing to us these past 9 months. We can't wait to see what else you have in store for us!

Here's what you have been up to this past month:
* You stood on your own for a few seconds.
* You got to swim at Nana's for the first time and loved it!
* Your daddy made sure to plug each of our outlets for your safety.
* Your mommy finally packed up your 0-6 month clothing, bibs, etc.
* You started eating peaches.
* You have started to raise your hands when you want to be picked up.  Melts mommy's heart!
* You have mastered being able to sit up on your own.  Such a big boy.
* You turn to look at us when we call your name.
* You got to celebrate Father's Day with daddy!!!
* You have learned what "No-No" means. 
* You started dancing when music plays.  :)  It's uber cute!
* You started eating your crib rails.
* You got your first diaper rash.  :(
* You have 8 teeth!
* You got to swing in a swing for the first time at Brady's birthday party.
* You got to slide down a slide for the first time.
* You started saying Babababa, dadadada and mamamama!!!
* You started holding your own bottle. 
* You have taken interest in the dishwasher when mommy is trying to load it.
* You love your brother, Jet.

Mommy and Daddy

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