We Have An 8 Month Old

Dear Boston,
        Mommy and Daddy have had such a great month with you.  You are really coming into your own person.  We are lucky to get to be a part of your life.  You are just about mobile and we have a lot to do to prepare the house for that.  It's so exciting, but the pace at which you are progressing is entirely too quick.  It's passing by way too fast.  But, we continue to look forward to each new achievement you reach and each new attribute you reveal.  Daddy still loves to get you from your crib in the morning.  Your hug that lasts the whole way as y'all walk to Mommy is his favorite.  Mommy still loves that you always smile at her everytime she looks at you or talks to you.  We know you are going to be a sweet person.  The world is a better place because you are in it.

Here's what you've been up to this past month:
* you roll around everywhere!  We sit you down and a few minutes later we'll find you in a different part of the living room.
* your newest achievement this month has been being able to push yourself up into a sitting position from being on your belly!  We couldn't believe our eyes the first time you did it.
* you are just starting to rock back and forth while being on your hands and knees...it allows you to reach really far for your toys.  You are wanting to crawl but just don't know how to just yet.  That's coming soon!
* you started to say "Baaa" right when you start crying...it's the cutest sound ever.  We know that when you do that it means you are hungry. 
* you love to touch your head and hair.  It's so cute because it looks like you are slicking your hair back.
* You now have 6 teeth (two front bottom teeth, two top front teeth and two teeth next to the top two one on each side)...and two nights ago, we noticed that you are cutting in a bottom tooth!
* you love to sqeal and make screaming noises.  It's so cute to hear you, you are really enjoying being vocal and hearing your own voice.
* you also love to "try" to talk.  Cute, cute, cute.
* you celebrated mommy's 1st Mother's Day.  :) 
* you got to use your cart cover for the 1st time at the grocery store.  You really enjoyed it, too.  And we have started to sit you in it each time we eat at a restaurant.
* you tried Chicken that mommy made for the 1st time and you DID NOT LIKE IT.  We have yet to try it again, but we will soon.
* you started eating peas and love them.
* one the of the best new achievements...you started to raise your arms for mommy when you want to be held.  Oh so cute.  It makes mommy smile everytime.
* you still love taking baths
* you tried grapes for the 1st time but you didn't know what to do with it so mommy cut it in half and tried getting you to bite it but it was probably too tart-y for you.  :)
* you got your first bruise on your forehead from landing on mommy's tooth.
* you got to try-out a sippy cup for the first time.  We tried with one that had a hard spout and you thought it was a toy.  You wanted to bite it.  So we switched to a softer spout cup and you sucked your water out.  We still can't get you to hold your own bottle or sippy cup.  That's something we'll be working on.
* YOU SAID YOUR FIRST WORDS: "Good Job"  Everytime we feed you we always tell you "good job," so while daddy was feeding you over the weekend you said Good Job 3 times!  The next time you do it I'll be sure to video it!  We were laughing and so excited we couldn't believe our ears. 

Your Biggest Fans,
Mommy and Daddy

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