Another Birthday Party and a Visit with Cash

Saturday was a busy day.  We got to celebrate Boston's buddy, Brady's, 1 year birthday at his house where his party was held!  This little guy is too cute for words and looks just like his mommy.  :)  It was a packed out party.  There had to have been nearly 30 kids plus all of the adults.  It was Packed with a capital P.  But it was fun times.  I look forward to that for B's party.  Yup, call me crazy, but Jer and I said, whatthaheck...you only celebrate their 1st birthday once.  The more the merrier.

Anyway, here's a look back at some fun times at the party (I didn't take too many photos to avoid annoying the other attendees).
Boston got to swing in a swing for the first time! 
I think it was taking his stomach the first couple of pushes.  He wasn't sure what to think of it at first.
But by the 4th or 5th push from daddy, he loved it. 
Then, he got to slide down a slide for the first time!
Goodness, how did I get so lucky?  I love these boys.
My turn with my little man.
Boston made a friend, Marshall.  :)
There's the BIRTHDAY BOY and his Mommy, Elizabeth!!
Oh my, this picture is precious.  And I heart those two!
Brady's mommy with my B-ster!  Most of you that know Boston know that he LOVES to jump.  Anytime you hold him up to stand, he jumps.  And we always say, Jump, Jump, Jump!!!  He loves it. :) (nooo, Jer is not sleeping.  I promise)

THEN, since Brady only lives one block from Cash (Boston's BFF) we decided to drop on by to see them for a quick second.  Luckily, Cash and his daddy were home.  Cash's mommy, Meredith, was working so we didn't get to see her.  But we made the most out of our visit, as usual. 
Here's Cash showing us his trick...holding his giraffe without any hands!  Magician.
Plus, the boys acted like no time had passed since they last saw each other.  They went straight to playing and talking.  Yep, we didn't want to ask them what they were talking about because it's top secret.  Only they can know.  They have their own fraternity type lingo going on.  So we did what we as parents do best....shot-some-video of their conversation.

Annnnd then...later that day we headed over to downtown Dallas to Jer's new office.  Here's his building.  It's a 40 story building and his firm takes up the whole 40th floor.

We stayed there for about 2 hours rearranging his desks...yes plural.  He's got two desks and one credenza that we had to move which meant we had to move his computer, phone, and bookcase too.  But in the end we made it feel more "home-y."  Since he'll now be spending 40+ hours a week in it...at least for a little while.  Eventually, he'll work from home either 1 to 2 days a week.   


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