For the longest time we went without drapes in our living room.  It was pretty bare looking.  I couldn't ever make up my mind on exactly what I wanted to put up.  Plus, drapes/curtains can get very expensive so I was in no rush to hurry up and buy expensive drapes that I wasn't completely sold on.  So almost 5 years later we got some Cheap-o-drapes and when I say cheap...I mean CHEAP! 
Here's how they came to be.  Long ago I browsed a blog that had tan solid drapes and from the picture they didn't look like they were cheap.  But when she said where she got them and what they really were and I was s-h-o-c-k-e-d.  They were painter's drop cloths from Lowe's for $10!!  I couldn't believe it. 
this is the brand we used
We actually put these up earlier this year but they were only up there for me to decide if I really wanted them.  So this weekend, we finally went out and got a rod and more clips to put them up permanently (at least until I changed my mind, because its it's bound to happen at some point).

I put them in the washer, dried them and hung them.  And here they are.  Hangin' pretty (despite the wrinkles that I need to iron out).  :-)
Eventually I'll sew on about a 5 inch hem with that some colorful fabric at the top of them.  Until then, they stay plain ol' tan. 

You should try them out.  If you have a room that you need drapes in but you don't want to spend a fortune on, get you some $10 drapes from Lowe's!  Can't beat that.  :)

Happy Thrusday (geez, this week has flown),

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