my favorite model

While we were in the ATL Jer had a business meeting (also known as a, super expensive yummy lunch) that he went to on Monday.  So B and I stayed at the hotel and chilled.  Well....actually we did a little photo shoot.  Surprise surprise!  But what can I say, he's my favorite little model.  I try to capture as many photos aka memories as I can.  :)  Anyway, on to the good stuff.  The photos. 

I placed him on the bed and started shooting.  I loved the headboard of the bed and knew that would be a perfect backdrop on these white sheets.  He's probably looking at me like, "Mom, again?!  You only get a few minutes until my head is going to start to drop."  So I had to work fast.  :) 

P.S. We're working on our video of our trip to the ATL.  Fun fun!


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