Out with the old...In with the new

Out with Newborn in with 0-3 month...clothing!!!  I can't believe my sweet baby has expired his newborn clothes.  He has grown so much in the last two months.  He is still under weight from where he should be as a 2 month old, but that's only due to him being 5 1/2 weeks early.  :)  A few days ago I noticed that his legs were too long for one of his footie outifts.  So, we decided it was time to change sizes!  It makes me sad how fast this little guy is growing.  He has been growing like a weed and getting really long and chunky.  His cheeks and thighs are gigantic!  He even has a double chin.  And there are days we can't keep enough food in him.  But I guess that's all a part of growing. :)

Check out my outft in my bigger size...

my cuddle bug 



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