1st scary dr appointment

We had our bi-weekly doctor appointment today and everything was as usual.  We got there, weighed in and gave them a urine sample, I know, TMI but that's what happens.  :)  When I got back to the room, the medical assistant came in and took my blood pressure...and that's where everything began to get scary!  She told me that my blood pressure was a little elevated.  Being somewhat emotional already due to hormones, as soon as I heard that my heart started beating heavier.  I guess you could say I was shocked, confused, scared, worried...you get the picture.  When Dr. Kindrick comes in, the appointment is the same as every other appointment.  Then we talk about the blood pressure.  She said there's no concern right now and to not worry...but it was too late, I was worried!  She laid me down to measure me and listen to the baby's heartbeat (140bpm) - which typically would have been VERY calming for me but this time was a little different.  I couldn't get the word "preeclampsia" off my mind.  Then she told me to lay on my left side and relax for a little bit and she would have her assistant come back and check my bp again.  She came, checked it and it was still the same.  So Dr. K. orderd me to have blood drawn so she could check some levels.  She probably told me what she was checking in my blood but I was already checked out by that point...not paying any attention.  Thankfully Jer was there to listen.  She explained to me that my bp wasn't too high but that she wanted to check everything she could to make sure I wasn't developing Preeclampsia - a word I never wanted to hear my doctor say to me.  I knew exactly what that was and how serious it could be.  She then proceeded to tell me that for the whole weekend she wanted me to rest and only to get up to make something to eat or use the bathroom.  To me that was considered : Bedrest!  Plus, she wants me to come back in on Monday morning to get my bp checked again to see if the "bedrest" helped it come down.  Needless to say, I've been bummed all day.  I know this could just be a "scare" but it's consuming me!  I keep thinking of all the things I have to do and wanted to do this weekend regarding the nursery that now I can't get done.  But I guess I better obey doctor's orders for the sake of mine and baby's health.  I guess we'll see how the weekend goes....


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