Good Ol' College Days

After graduating high school in 1998, Jennifer moved to Corpus Christi and both of us began college, at Texas A&M Univ - CC. Jennifer joined the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and pursued her biology degree, while I completed my 4 year commitment to the USCG and worked on my history degree. In 2002, I graduated from TAMU-CC and, with the greatest of fortune, had been admitted at The Univ of Texas School of Law. Jennifer graciously agreed to move to Austin, TX, where I attended law school for the next 3 years and Jennifer completed her biology degree at St. Edwards Univ. In 2005, as I neared the end of law school, I proposed to Jennifer (in Hollywood, CA), she said 'yes,' and we solidified our plans for the next several years, hoping that we could actually see them through.

The Proposal

After Austin, we moved back to the DFW Metroplex for work and to be back close to our friends and family. We are truly blessed to have had the opportunity to depart from our hometown, gain an incredible set of new friendships to add to our longheld ones, and achieve higher education, all the while growing our relationship into a solid, unshakeable formation.


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