Highlights - High Five For The Bos Man

Back in February, we got a little flyer for a highlights subscription.  So Jer took it upon himself to order a years worth of High Fives (for Boston's age) for Bossy.  Let me just say, they are a hit.  Each month when we receive a new one it's like he just got a brand new toy.  He gets so excited to go through it and figure out all the puzzles, memorize all of the stories and complete all of the brain teasers.  It's amazing to watch his excitement.  It's become something that he and dada do right before bed.  Read a few books and then go through his high five book.  The sight of them two laying on the bed having a blast going through his book never gets old.  

He was so into his first book (in March) that he wanted to go through it right before one of his naps.

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