First Dentist Appointment

A first.

A first dentist appointment for little man!  As usual, we documented the event.  It's a first for him, what do you expect?!  :)  

We have a local dentist in our town that was referred to us by a friend of ours that's a dentist in a nearby town.  So we took his advice and made an appointment for mid January.  He was well into being a 3 year old so it was about time to get those pearly whites looked at and cleaned.

Two things we learned: we should start saving for braces and our little man is so brave.  He did anything the dental assistant and dentist told him to do.  Even when they needed to take x-rays, he bit down on the thingy (yes, that's what I call it) that they use when taking x-rays without a hesitation.  We were so proud but didn't expect anything less.  Bossy is more on the "mature" side of toddler-hood.  He's strong, independent and very much a big-boy kinda toddler, lately.  
His favorite part was being able to lay in the chair, look up and watch a movie.
Such a cool guy.
Gosh I love him so.  Although I don't how old he looks here.
Great job, Bossy.  We are so so proud of you and love you so much.


Thanh Arnett said...

What a brave young man! Good thing you didn’t have to experience so much trouble with his first dental visit. Anyway, it’s nice to know that you’ve been referred to a reliable dentist. Your friend must’ve been enjoying the services of this dentist that’s why he asked you to check it out. Hehe! Give your brave boy a pat on his back for a job well done! :)

Thanh Arnett

Louise Adams said...

Looks like Bossy did really well as did mum and dad. Kids dentist is totally different from the past. They attempt to make fun for the kids. They have play room with toys, staff trained on dealing with young kids, props like the sun glasses and others, gifts and much more.
Sorry to hear that Bossy will probably require braces; as we know they re not inexpensive.

Javier Portocarrero said...

Wow! Your little man seems to be a really nice kid. It’s actually great to see him very happy and enjoying the entire appointment. It’s really nice that you guys were able to get a really good dentist to ease his experience, as most kids his age are usually terrified of dentists. :)

Javier Portocarrero @ Alluring Smiles

Elfrieda Sevigny said...

Lots of kids get nervous for their first dental appointments, so I'm glad Bossy did a great job with his. He just looks so adorable in the photos. To be honest, he didn't seem like he was scared at all. It's probably because the dental clinic has a very good environment for children. Anyway, I'm glad to hear his teeth are well taken cared of. Good job! :)

Elfrieda Sevigny @ Simmonds Dental Center

motiur nuggeta said...

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Milton Wilson said...

I cannot begin to imagine what that appointment was like for your son, but I am happy that he was able to get through it and have his cavity filled! I'm sure that the more often he goes to the dentist, the more used to the experience he will become and the better able to care for his teeth he will be.

Milton Wilson @ A+ Family Dentistry

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